We help immigrants thrive.

We help immigrants belong in their communities through ESL, life skills and friendship.

Give the gift of language

We need people like you, with a heart for immigrants, to teach ESL and provide childcare during classes. We provide all the training necessary.

Learn to speak English

We teach ESL classes for every level during the Fall, Winter and Spring at two locations. Childcare is also provided.

Over the years, our students have represented many nations, people and languages

Our Story

Who would have thought that a Vacation Bible School program for children would have anything to do with our present ESL program? It had everything to do with it, because that is how it all started. In June of 2005 there was an eager youth staff ready to run a week-long VBS program. Not many neighborhood children showed up the first morning, but a team leader noticed a number of children playing in the courtyard of another church just up the street. After talking, they combined forces and had a summer camp for 30-40  Albanian children.

Our Locations

We serve our students where they live and work.

We want to be where our students are. We partner with local churches in neighborhoods of Philadelphia where there are large immigrant populations. This allows students to be close to their classes without the need to drive or take public transportation. It also allows the churches to become a resource for immigrants and close relationships to flourish. Currently, we have two locations to serve students in the Bustleton and Mayfair sections of Northeast Philadelphia.