A GROW Teacher’s Testimony

Unsure if you should join GROW Northeast? I promise you it’s worth it. My husband and I moved to Philadelphia to join this program, despite the fact that he works in Chadds Ford, which makes his commute an hour everyday. Even still, due to traffic, our commute to evening GROW classes is 45 minutes. So why do we do it?

Teaching these students is an indescribable joy! It doesn’t matter what mood I come to class with, I always leave super happy. My students genuinely care about me, and I love them! You see we’re not “just teaching English,” we’re giving them a chance to thrive in a foreign culture. We are enabling them to buy groceries, apply for driver’s licenses, get jobs, apply for citizenship, and hear the gospel! Each class we share bible verses and stories with them. Praying for them in class is one of the greatest privileges, because they share vulnerable parts of their lives. We walk with them in their suffering and joy.

Recently I lost my job, which was really crushing, but the very next week, one of my students gave me a leather wallet from Sudan. She had gone back to Sudan for her mother’s funeral and yet thought of me! I cried. It was God’s way of showing me that His work and approval matters more human credentials. It’s the best ministry I’ve been part of!